Jubilee South Branch September Newsletter - March Against Austerity Special

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TUC March For A Future That Works 20th October

On 20th October the RMT will be marching alongside many other trade unions, community groups and tens of thousands of ordinary people from every corner of the UK . This is because we believe that austerity is not working.

The RMT will be marching against wholesale job cuts, attacks on the welfare state and cuts in public services. The Government in the UK is not punishing the few in the banking and finance sectors who caused the global financial crisis, instead it is hitting hardest on the working classes and the poorest in society who had no part in causing the global financial crisis.

The RMT always puts workers rights at the centre of our campaigns and we share the vision of “A future that works” The March on 20th October aims to send the government a strong message that we don't want their flawed alternative economic plan. We want a future where workers earn decent wages not just earn enough to exist. A future where fat cat’s bonuses are penalized and where tax evasion by big companies is totally eliminated.

So, are you going to join us?
The march is a friendly fun event with people of all ages from 1 to 101. The people marching are normal Joe public types who have just had enough of cuts in public services , waiting ages for even basic hospital treatment, an underfunded public transport system and then being told to pay more tax.

Many people come with the whole family and make a great day out of it. Last year some people even brought their dogs with them!

Jubilee South meeting point

  • Stratford Station (By Robert the steam train, near bus station entrance)
    • Meet 09.30
    • Leaving 09.50 prompt
  • London Bridge Station Tooley street Exit
    • Meet 10.20
    • Leaving 10.40

"We are sending a serious message to the government but there’s no reason we can't have a good time."

At the meeting points just look out for the RMT flag. It is strongly advised to meet up at the pre-arranged meets as the embankment area will be very busy making it hard to find friends and colleagues. The March leaves the embankment starting at 11.00 and ends at a rally at Hyde Park.

The meeting points are not just for Jubilee south branch members, Members of any branch are equally welcome to come along to the march with us. Bring friends, Family etc. If you have a big drum bring that along too. We are sending a serious message to the government but there’s no reason we can't have a good time.

This newsletter was created by our rep at Stratford

  • Read more about the march on october 20th here.