Gallery: Picket Lines Strong Across London

This week saw the RMT take their second 48 hour period of strike action against London underground's devastating plan to close all ticket offices and shut nearly a thousand jobs. Many tube lines were suspended by the RMT action, with big delays across all other lines.

RMT is mid way through a planned five days of all-out strike action across London Underground after long-running talks hosted by ACAS, aimed at settling the dispute over cuts to jobs, ticket offices and safety, were wrecked by a combination of management intransigence and the introduction of additional measures that actually worsened the original toxic package. It has also been made crystal clear to the union that this is just a first tranche of cuts with even harder attacks being lined up for the near future.

The RMT is today (2nd May, 2014) back at ACAS following the recent industrial action.