End the slaughter in Gaza, says RMT

Below is RMT's press release, issued today. You can read more about RMT's policy and campaigning in solidarity with Israeli and Palestinian workers by clicking here.

ISRAEL MUST end the hideous slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, transport trade union RMT said today.

Condemning Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of civilians, RMT added its voice to the growing world-wide demands for an immediate end to its illegal and inhuman military operations and urged support for emergency demonstrations.

“Israel has unleashed what can only be described as indiscriminate massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and there can be no excuse for it,” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today.

“Common humanity demands that the world tells the Israeli government that it must stop the bombing, end the inhuman blockade and abandon any plans it has for a land invasion of Gaza.

“It has been the failure of governments such as our own to demand an end to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands since 1967 that has encouraged horrific acts such as those we have witnessed in recent days.

“It is time for the British government to tell the Israeli government that its bombing and blockade of Gaza and its continued occupation of Palestinian lands are unacceptable and illegal under international law and must end.

“We send our solidarity to the Palestinian people, and to those brave Israelis who have refused military service and who demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the bombing at the weekend.

“We urge trade unionists in Britain to attend the national demonstration called in London on Saturday by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Stop the War Coalition, and other protests called around the country in the coming days,” Bob Crow said.


Details of Saturday’s demonstration in London on Saturday and other protests around the country can be found on the Stop the War website at http://www.stopwar.org.uk/

For further information contact Derek Kotz at RMT on 07939 595 092

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