Cleaners Demands

The regional BEM have requested that the union make available the RMT ‘Rail Cleaner Charter’, of which there are limited copies, until we get more printed please see and pass around the attached digital version or see:

The RMT is demanding that the cleaners, who do some of the dirtiest jobs often in appalling conditions to keep the tube running, should receive in return:

‘Rail industry cleaners must have dignity and respect at work:
• A living wage, as a minimum at entry, rising to at least £10 per hour at today's prices
• A pay increase each year and every year
• A proper career path and encouragement to apply for other jobs in the railway industry
• A decent pension
• Free travel on the railways
• Additional payments for unsociable hours and bank holidays
• A minimum of 20 days basic annual leave plus eight bank holidays - aiming for the railway
• Industry's average of 32 days per year
• A fair sick pay scheme
• A 35-hour week without loss of pay
• Clean and properly equipped mess rooms, changing rooms, showers and decent shelter
• Regular provision of uniforms and safety wear
• Full employment rights - no 'third party' sackings
• Direct employment, an end to contracting-out of cleaning
• Freedom from discrimination

Thus far Initial and ISS have not responded adequately to these demands and therefore cleaner members have requested that the union put on a ballot of all cleaner grade members.

Therefore as chair of the RMT Regional Black and Ethnic Members (BEM) group and one of your RMT National BEM advisory committee representatives I would strongly urge you to vote yes for strike action. You have the full support of the union and the regional BEM committee

The last time you went on strike you got the ‘London Living Wage,’ the membership of the cleaners grade has grown substantially since then owing to better communication, organisation and the £1 a week membership rate on London Transport.

RMT Regional BEM Comimittee; LT RMT BEM National Advisory Committee Representatives