Boris Johson Flash Mobbed By Save Earl's Court Campaigners

From Anabela Hardwick of Save Earl's Court campaign

Here is a round up of the Save Earl's Court campaign's eventful morning at City Hall on Tuesday this week. We gathered at 10AM for photographs and Darren Johnson (Green), Nicky Gavron (Labour) and Stephen Knight (Lib Dem) all spoke about why stopping the demolitions is so important.

Then suddenly someone noticed that Boris Johnson was speaking to the press on the small piece of lawn by the side of the Assembly.

So we all ran, placards and banners in hand and flash mobbed him, interrupting his press call.

Darren Johnson stepped up and presented our box of signed postcards in support of the Save Earl's Court campaign. Included were of course, Olly, the ones you and your branch members had signed. Andy Slaughter MP (Hammersmith, Labour) also handed him a letter from the West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates.

Boris's next press call was about Stephen Lawrence so we did not interrupt that but once he had finished, we followed him to the glass doors of City Hall. So he was ambushed twice by Save Earl's Court when he least expected it!

I attach some pictures of the day. The first is Boris surprised by Andy Slaughter and the second you can see Nicky Gavron AM, Darren Johnson Chair of the London Assembly in the background and Stephen Knight AM talking to Boris.

We had RMT union reps Andy Littlechild and Mick Bailey (RMT Taxis), RBKC and LBHF residents all together on the day. We also had Radical London members come along to show their support.

We have since heard that Boris was agitated all day - his ego no doubt bruised by the three other parties on the assembly, an MP and the "plebs" interrupting his morning!

Best wishes.

Anabela Hardwick
Save Earl's Court campaig