Bermondsey Station: RMT & HOLT Demo Against Cuts

Mayor Boris Johnson and tube bosses plan to close the ticket office at Bermondsey station and cut frontline staff. This is a busy station with a vital ticket office which serves both local residents and those coming into the area to work, It also provides vital information and assistance to elderly and disabled passengers helping them to use London Underground.

Planned Ticket Office Closure Date - 29th March

Staff cuts planned locally including Bermondsey - 30%

We are protesting and taking action to stop the cuts from happening.

Cuts will devastate the tube, meaning less help when you need it - and less assistance in an emergency. For some elderly and disabled people it will make the tube unusable.

LUL's Plan:

  • 897 job cuts
  • Every ticket - offices shut
  • Decent jobs gone
  • Ticket prices up

What you can do to help:

"These cuts will de-staff whole areas of the tube system at a time of surging passenger demand and would make evacuation and other basic safety procedures a physical impossibility. The axing of ticket offices and station staffing grades would render the underground a no go zone for many people with disabilities and for women
travelling alone."

- RMT General Secretary Mick Cash

No cuts at Bermondsey