Bakerloo LGBT News - August 2008

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Happy London and Brighton Pride!

July saw two of the biggest and best Pride events to date.. London Pride and Brighton Pride.. the RMT were present at both, flying the flag proving that we are as diverse as every other company or employer.... i have given all local representatives of all grades, the union's limited edition blue ‘pride in my union’ badges, these are for LGBT members to wear if they wish.. please see your local rep, myself or drop me and email and i will forward a badge onto you as soon as possible...

This is not just a union, this is an all grades united, fighting for your rights union.. and its yours a fraction of the price of our sister union!

Now i’ve probably taken you back to an M&S Food Advert.. don't worry! i’m not going to bring steaming hot brussel sprouts around the mess room..... i’m trying to prove a point...

As with any union, the members say what they do and don't want to happen, if your not happy with something.. take it to your local rep...or attend the branch meetings.... there are currently disputes happening across the London Transport Region, these include Staff on the East Ham group, Rickmansworth group, all underground cleaners,CBS outdoor.

RMT are proud to be an industrial union, we try to resolve issues without industrial action but sometimes its the only way management listen...

RMT are also proud to be an ALL GRADES Union...

Management only seem to care when there are no drivers to drive the trains, its the one thing they cant get Admin Assts or RCI’s to cover!

The RMT is also a value for money option rather than our sister unions.. you don't need for this one. RMT : £13.72 Per Month ASLEF: £24.39 Per month as always its your choice to whatever union you join.. but it is important that you JOIN one.... All Grades United!

Help is always here with RMT

Whenever, wherever the RMT are here to help you. with our range of representatives specialising in many fields, including industrial relations, health and safety, Learning, or LGBT/Diversity Representatives...we also have solicitors and legal teams.

A list of your local representatives will be available soon, this will include every representative and branch official of the Bakerloo Branch.

LGBT Representatives are not just for LGBT members, but for all members to approach with that burning question that you feel you want to ask but don't know how.. my contact details are available at the bottom of this newsletter, or alternatively ask me when you see me!


National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers. Adrian Rowe: LGBT Representative (Stations and Trains) Bakerloo Branch, Queens Park Train Depot, Premier House, 313 Kilburn Lane, London W9 3EG,