Bakerloo drivers angry at Kevin Dobinson's sacking

Drivers on the Bakerloo Line are shocked and angry at management's sacking of Kevin Dobinson. Kevin was summarily dismissed last Thursday.

Train Operators on the line are all too aware of other drivers who have committed safety offences and are still driving trains on the Bakerloo Line. On the whole of London Underground, 18 drivers in the last year had aggravated SPADS and are still driving trains. Sacking Kevin in this way is wrong. Underground bosses have gone too far this time. Kevin put his hands up to his mistake and had mitigating circumstances to account for his error. Yet despite his good record, London Underground sacked him.

This is another example of bullying management.

We need to support our workmate.

A petition is being circulated for all drivers to sign so that we can show the strength of feeling on the Line. This will be handed to the Chair of the Appeals Panel.

Oliver New from the Executive of the union has agreed to represent Kevin at the Appeal.