Arnos Grove Depot Newsletter - June 2009


As you might be aware, management are continuing to bully and harass staff by making up new rules as they go along and by ignoring long-standing agreements with your union. This, of course, has helped to bring about the dispute we are now in with the company across the whole combine. At Arnos Grove depot, management have been trying out a few tricks of their own (see below); fortunately, our local reps have stood firm and refused to allow local management to brush aside agreements and staff rights.

As a result of failure to agree at the local Level 1 meetings, your reps have been forced to refer the following four issues up to the Trains Functional Council:

1. Medical case conferences being carried out on people who are fit and at work. This goes against management’s policy which says people should only have case conferences whilst off sick or if they have a reoccurring problem which has a major impact on their attendance; 2. Four staff errors in a two-year period could lead to disciplinary action. This has not been agreed by or been consulted with the unions; 3. Failure to adhere to a PTOA agreement by management which caused undue stress to a driver resulting in the driver having a SPAD. This SPAD then triggered a SPAD Case Conference which heaped even more stress upon the driver. Management’s duty of care towards our colleague was totally absent. 4. Conduct and Fitness for Work items being used twice against drivers at Local Disciplinary Interviews; Fitness for Work items being used to trigger case conferences.

Incorrect Paperwork Reps have complained that they were not getting the correct paperwork before Case Conferences; management agreed to give appropriate paperwork 5 days before any meetings.

75% Discount Travel Reps asked management to contact Train Operating Companies to see if the First Capital Connect 75% Scheme can be expanded to other companies. We await their response.

Step-back Reversers Reps insisted management adhered to their agreement that DMTs should be on the platform when step-back reversing trains are in operation. This was brought to your Reps’ attention when a staff error was going to be blamed on one of our drivers, only for management to realise one their DMTs was not present and therefore caused the delay.

Patterning Interviews Drivers are reminded that they should be given prior notice of any ‘patterning’ (patterns of non-attendance) interviews by letter. This has been agreed at a Level 1 meeting only for management to renege on this. Please inform one of your reps if management try to break this agreement again.

PNR Points Your Reps asked management to look into the possibility of having more PNR points along the line. Any members who have any comments on this should contact their reps; try and keep it clean!

T5 Stand Time Reps asked for the T5 turn around time to be retimed because drivers had complained that there was not adequate time. Reps said this has not been helped by station staff being withdrawn from T5, leaving only a Station Supervisor to help with detrainment.

New Years Payment Your Reps asked for drivers to be given details of what they are to be paid for working this New Year’s Eve. The reason for this is because different drivers were getting paid different amounts for last year. If drivers are going to volunteer to work New Year’s Eve, they should know exactly what pay they are going to receive.

New Lateness Form Reps complained about a new form being used for lateness, adding that it was getting confused with the Return to Work Interview (RTWI) form. Management agreed that in future they would consult with the unions before any new forms were introduced.

Pool Room Reps asked for four new pool cues and a new set of balls for the games room; management agreed.

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