Action Against Tory Attacks

The following resolution submitted by LU Fleet Branch was carried unanimously the October 27th Regional Council meeting.

This Region notes:
1. The Tory-led Government is introducing attacks on the the public sector and working-class living standards that threaten to take Britain back to Victorian levels of inequality and the biggest assault on the working-class since Margaret Thatcher.
2. TUC conference saw a much-needed resolve by the leaders of all the largest unions in Britain to fight back against the Tories, by announcing joint strike action over the attacks on pensions on November 30th.
3. This action builds on the excellent demonstration against austerity in March 26th and the very strong public sector strikes on June 30th.
4. Attacks on the public sector have, in some areas, already led to strike action. In the London Borough of Barnet, the extreme-right Tory council has Barnet Council as an employer has made the worst attack on the local trade unions since the inter-war years. After weeks of council intimidation and on their first day of perfectly industrial action against privatisation, Tuesday 13 September, the employer locked out the strikers and deducted a day's wages as opposed to the required half day.

This Region further notes:
1. Joint strike action, as has been seen in Greece, Spain, France and most importantly in the Arab countries that are currently seeing real revolutions, is absolutely necessary to stop the Tories from making working-people pay for an economic crisis they caused.
2. Unity in action between RMT and the public services unions on June 30th both helped those unions strengthen their action and get RMT victory in its fight for justice at work.

This Region Condemns:
Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour Party who has refused to support the strikes on the 30 June and again says he does not support the public sector workers' strike on 30 November.

This Region resolves:
1. To encourage all members to be actively involved in solidarity campaigns with public service workers taking action on June 30th and those, like Barnet Council workers, who are already in struggle due to Tory attacks.
2. To send this motion to Region/AGM and to ask the Region to invite a Barnet UNISON member who has been in the bosses lock-out to come and address the meeting and to encourage all branches to do the same.
3. The decision of a group of leading trade union activists to call a national 'Unite the Resistance' conference on Saturday 19 November in Central London. The purpose of the conference will be to build the strike action and debate the campaign strategies that can help us save the public sector.