The 2tone high tone Bakerloo Hokey Cokey

Whoever thought this up …..?
When trains arrive on Stonebridge Park reception roads, drivers on the Bakerloo line are being instructed to cut the high tone whistle out.
Then we have to cut it in.
Then out.
Then in
Then shake it all about!
All because depot staff are accidentally operating the high tone whistle in confined spaces.
Not train operators doing it in error have you noticed.
But for some reason Bakerloo drivers are the ones being told to carry out this ridiculous procedure, this is because LUL don’t want the depot staff to operate the whistle by mistake.
As well as the crazy hokey cokey dance we are expected to do every time we enter the depot, we will also be liable for “performance issues” should we fail to fully shut down, remove the reverse key, go to the offside cabinet and cut the whistle out/in/out/in (delete as appropriate)
We are not being offered additional time to do this.
Any time lost “can be redeemed at Queens Park south bound” apparently.
Well what about when we are finishing?
We have told them what to do with this silly 2tone high tone Bakerloo Hokey Cokey! This is one step beyond.