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Leaked LUL Document Exposes Plans To Cut Front Line Jobs

Newsletter 'Across The Tracks' have obtained an internal LUL document revealing plans to cut minimum staff levels at stations across LUL.

The Newsletter contains the following:

  • Information on how staffing levels may be cut
  • Managements possible strategy to cut costs
  • Why minimum numbers of staff were introduced and there impact on safety
  • How, through solidarity, we can strongly oppose such plans

See ATT's website for more information or read the full story to view the newsletter, or download it.

WHOSE STETHOSCOPE ARE YOU UNDER? LUL managers become doctors!

No reader of Monthly News will be surprised to hear that since our strike in June 2009, there have been at least five more wrong-side door openings (WSDOs) with management trying to hush them up and rightly not referring any of the staff involved to disciplinary action. Management know that these incidents have only happened because of their failure to provide the safety device used on all other stock on all other lines - Correct Side Door Enabler (CSDE). No one has been sent to a disciplinary hearing, that is, except the person most unlikely to have been sent to one.


It sometimes seems as though staff and management are subject to entirely different company disciplinary procedures. Why? Consider what would happen if you were accused of kicking another member of staff or of racially abusing someone in full view of a customer. Yes, you guessed it; you would be stood down pending investigation. But not if you are a manager, apparently! An Arnos Grove DMT was recently alleged to have assaulted one of our driver members by kicking him, but incredibly remains at work.

Finsbury Park Branch Monthly News - February 2010

Read or download the February edition of Monthly News by clicking on the attachment below.

In this month's edition:

1. Play it safe and keep your job. Valuable advice for all ticket office staff.

2. Are managers immune to company policies?

3. Tetra emissions: Unions seek the truth.

4. Whose stethoscope are you under? LUL managers become doctors!

RMT Demands Answers As Tube Signal Failure Leaves Late Passengers Stranded

LONDON UNDERGROUND’S biggest union has demanded an explanation from Tube bosses after a signal failure at Farringdon last night left passengers stranded without advice or help to finish their journeys.

RMT has learned that passengers on Metropolitan and Circle and Hammersmith and City trains spent up to 45 minutes between Kings Cross and Farringdon stations, missing last onward connections with other lines, and were given no help to finish their journeys.

Finsbury Park Branch Monthly News, January 2010

Click on the attachment to read/download the latest Monthly News.

In this edition:

1. Pay deal: the wages of disunity;

2. Green Park members plan fightback for Mercy Odisi;

3. Lies, damn lies and the missing CCTV - how LUL continues to victimise our Branch Chair, Glenroy Watson; 4. Miscarriages of Justice - members of Birmingham 6, Guildford 4 and Maguire 7 address branch, telling their story and talking about their work today for the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation (MOJO).