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RMT London Now Has 500 Members

We've reached 500 Members on the RMT London Calling Website.

Signing up is simple just click here. All we need is a username, email address and your membership or NI number so we can identify you are a member of the union.

Once you are signed into the website you can access more information such as documents and articles for members only, as well as commenting on articles and blogs.

Stations and Revenue Control Safety Council

Following elections, the following members were elected to the stations safety council from Jan 1st 2010

Dave Phillips (Neasden Branch) Jason Dew (Finsbury park branch) Ross Marshall (Neasden Branch)

They will join Pat O'Brien on the council for a 3 year term of office.

Im sure everybody will join me in sending a massive thank you to the work of the 3 outgoing members.

Unjum Murza (Stratford Branch) Tony Gandolfi (Camden 3 Branch) Vik Parmar (Central Line west Branch)

They will be missed by the union and the 1000s of members they have supported over the past few years.

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RMT Organise Conference On Crisis in Working Class Political Representation

In an important initiative aimed at shifting the political debate away from the cuts and pro-business agenda of the three main parties, transport union RMT is convening a conference on the “Crisis in Working Class Representation” in London on Saturday, 7th November 2009.