RMT Organise Conference On Crisis in Working Class Political Representation

In an important initiative aimed at shifting the political debate away from the cuts and pro-business agenda of the three main parties, transport union RMT is convening a conference on the “Crisis in Working Class Representation” in London on Saturday, 7th November 2009.

The RMT-sponsored conference comes at a time of increasing industrial militancy and will look at harnessing rank and file anger at attacks on jobs, pay, conditions and pensions into a coordinated political voice. The event will also bring together climate activists, pensioners, students, anti-racists and campaigners from both Britain and Ireland continuing the fight against the issues at the core of the Lisbon Treaty.

Speakers at the conference will include Bob Crow from the RMT, Brian Caton from the Prison Officers Association, Matt Wrack from the FBU, Susan Press from the Labour Representation Committee and Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn.

Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, said:

“Saturday’s conference comes at a crucial time for working people in this country. The gap between rich and poor has never been greater, the BNP are on the streets and on the TV spreading their poison and seeking to exploit the political vacuum and yet the three main parties are all spouting the same pro-bosses mantra of public spending cuts and privatisation.

“We have seen from the transport sector, the fire fighters, the postal workers, bin workers, British Airways and the construction industry that the working class is prepared to fight. People up and down the country are angry that they are being told to pay the price for the recession while the speculators who created it are bailed out to the tune of tens of billions and are gearing up for a bumper round of Christmas bonuses at our expense.

“Millions of working class people have been disenfranchised by the political establishment. Our aim is to give them a voice.”