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London Underground Cleaners Recruitment Campaign

RMT is fighting for decent pay and conditions for cleaners. As part of this campaign, we will be going on a ‘walkabout’ early next week.

Please take part in this. Please identify some time during three days where you can visit stations and other workplaces with our RMT reps and activists.

Please contact us and we'll pass on your details to the person organising the recruitment.

Contact details available here.

Concerns That Test Train Representation Rights Are Being Ignored By LUL Will Be Pursued By RMT

We note the resolution from our LU Fleet branch, and are alarmed at reports that management are apparently acting as though ASLEF has representation in this department, where RMT has sole recognition rights.

We note that our Regional Organiser has already contacted the employer and received assurances that this situation will be dealt with and RMT’s sole recognition will be upheld. We instruct the General Secretary to confirm that this is taking place in practice, and to bring to our attention any breaches.

RMT Membership Form – Disclosure Option Of Sexual Orientation

The RMT have written to other unions to find out whether they ask for disclosure of members sexuality on membership forms. This follows a motion which passed through the LGBT conference in 2011 asking that a voluntary question be added.

Of 54 unions asked, 27 responded. 11% ask the question on the membership form with a further 11% asking members in other ways such as through an equalities questionnaire.

RMT To Join World Pride 2012 In London

This year World Pride is coming to London and RMT is going to be taking part. We've already paid for a stall in Trafalgar Square and are also organising a walking party.

If you would like to be involved in either walking in the parade with the RMT LGBT members, or you can help staff the stall - giving out freebies to the public - then please get involved.

All RMT members are encouraged to come along - lets demonstrate this union's stand against discrimination towards our LGBT colleagues and friends.

Results Of RMT Survey Of Women Members: Sexism In The Transport Sector

What actions do you think would help get rid of the sexist culture in your work place?

  • Awareness of what is/what is not acceptable.
  • Definitely more awareness training. More women in senior positions.
  • It's mostly the over 50's in the workplace as they are still stuck in the 1960's era!!
  • Have women on the board of directors would be nice!
  • There is a culture that says if you're not one of the "lads" i.e. Drink, swear or object to any discrimination you're attacked.

    Click read more to see more responses.

RMT Sets Reduced-Rate Subscription for Initial Cleaners and Sodexho Canteen Staff

Canteen rep Petrit Mihaj

RMT has agreed reduced-rate subscriptions of £1 per week for workers at Initial Cleaners and Sodexho canteens in London Transport. This reduced rate is part of our organising campaign to achieve recognition in these two companies, and will be reviewed in 12 months' time.

Reps to Assist with Membership Update

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the report from our Lead Officer and accordingly instruct the General Secretary to write to all local Reps, requesting they assist the Functional Council in updating their membership list as many are still outstanding.

Relevant Branches and London Regional Council to be informed.

Resolution: RMT Membership 'App'

The following resolution, submitted by Neasden branch and amended by Finsbury Park branch, was passed by the September meeting of the Regional Council ...

This Regional Council notes the introduction of mobile technology and believes it could be used to improve communication with our 80,000 strong membership.