Piccadilly and District West branch

Includes London Underground service control staff based at Earls Court, drivers based at Acton Town and Earls Court, and station staff on the western half of both the Piccadilly and District lines; plus CTS (ticket machine maintenance) and Carlisle Security staff.

The branch meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 4pm. All are welcome to our meeting and great food at O'Neills, Earls Court.

Defend Our Rep Ian Stewart

Download attached pdf. print and display at your work place

Why is London Underground sponsoring a complaint made by the owner of this offensive avatar that adorns the twitter account of the ludicrously named "busting4aslash"? Mr. Slash is a troll. Mr. Slash has
an offensive avatar, that depicts what would be, if done in real life, a criminal offence, for sure.

RMT Suspends Piccadilly line Strike as Significant Progress is Made

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and the progress made in talks, and that London Underground Ltd has agreed to extend the period of our ballot mandate by 28 days. We note that the R.O. and the majority of representatives believe that sufficient progress has been made to suspend the industrial action and we therefore instruct the General Secretary to immediately advise the company and our members that the strike action due to begin at 12:00 on Wednesday 4 December 2013 is suspended.

Piccadilly Line News – Dispute Special

Management throw policies and agreements out of the window as the RMT takes a stand for drivers.

The issues…

Following months of turning the screw on members who are sick or make mistakes at work, the “new style” management thought that we would just lie down and take it. The latest insult resulted in duty sheets being produced that attempted to rob the members at the west end of the line of 5 minutes booking on time. As soon as management got wind that this was going to unite the line against them, a new set of sheets were produced that adhered to agreements. As if by magic! This is the thin end of the wedge. Management clearly want to cut your union out and do as they please. If this is allowed to continue you will very soon come to work in fear of your job.

Justice for the 33 the fight goes on- Demo outside Windsor Hse HQ of TfL 24 Jan 0800

On 19 December 2012 London Underground sacked 33 agency workers who had been employed on LUL contracts for the past 5 years. They were denied applying for jobs that were available on LUL despite the agency workers regs expressly forbidding this.

We`re back! Hammersmith 0800 Monday Jan 21 Justice for the 33

We have been used. We have been abused. We have been refused
We will not be ignored and we will not go away.
The evidence is absolutely clear.
There is no reasonable explanation for LUL not to give the 33 RMT workers sacked a job.
A job they have been doing for 5 years.
Now LUL will spend in excess of £333,000 to replace 33 workers on the Bakerloo and District lines.
Its the economics of the madhouse.
Sack the agency not the workers. Justice for the 33.

Justice for the 33. The fight goes on. Soup kitchen outside Broadway Jan 15 0800

J33 Campaign

We told you we aren’t going away and we mean it
Following 3 well attended demos at Wembley Central and Broadway these last 7 days, the fight continues tomorrow, Jan 15 at 0800 where a soup kitchen will be set up outside the head offices of London Underground in Broadway SW1

Tory minister Chris Grayling offered support for our member’s at todays demo and was asked to intervene in preventing 33 workers wanting to work being sent to sign on at the jobcentre.

RMT Demands An End To Agencies, With Workers Given Permanent Jobs Instead

We believe that railway employers are increasingly using agencies such as Trainpeople, in order to casualise the workforce, prepare for job cuts, and undermine our power to take effective strike action. The use of agencies is part of the employers’ and government’s strategy for pursuing the McNulty proposals.

We believe that every railway worker is entitled to a permanent, secure job. We therefore demand an end to the use of agencies, with their employees offered direct employment with the railway company at which they work.

Regional Council Resolution: The Importance Of Agreements

Submitted by Piccadilly and District West branch

We note that once again management have held private talks with another union concerning our train operator members. The RMT opposes their intention to introduce temporary arrangements for the Olympics outside of trains Framework Agreements and the P.T.O.A. particularly the intention to extend the 8 hour day at weekends which sets a dangerous precedent.

RMT Pursues Legal Case of Victimised Canteen Rep

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note that our legal advisers now see merit in Brother Mihaj’s legal case, and instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this case is pursued energetically and to place progress reports in front of us.

We further instruct the General Secretary to ask our legal advisers to reconsider their advice regarding the legality of the relevant clause in the Sodexo employment contract, taking into account all possible issues.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.