Bakerloo branch

Includes London Underground staff of all grades on the Bakerloo Line, plus the Special Requirements Team (SRT) and hotel staff. Branch meetings are held at The Royal Exchange PH, 26 Sale Place, Paddington, W2. (map)

Go Into Depots Or Sidings With Passengers On Board? Over Your Dead Body!

London Underground wants Bakerloo line drivers to drive out-of-service trains into depots and sidings without checking first that all passengers have got off the train.

This has resulted in over 3,000 passengers being carried into depots and sidings, many times more than on all other London Underground lines put together. On other lines, staff physically check the train is empty first.

General Grades Committee Decision On Bakerloo Detrainment Dispute

RMT GGC made the following decision on the Bakerloo detrainment dispute.


Branches will be aware of our ongoing dispute with London Underground over the company’s detrainment policy on the Bakerloo and Central Lines. Talks recently took place at ACAS and the General Grades Committee has now considered a report from the Regional Organiser.

RMT REJECTS use of ‘security personnel’ to resolve detrainment dispute

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The RMT and ASLEF Executives’ instruction from the start of the dispute

“to ensure that the carriages on their trains are physically checked and clear of passengers prior to going into sidings or depots. This is to be done either by appropriately-licensed LUL staff or by drivers themselves.”

Private security guards don’t count!

London Underground have stated in a letter to RMT and ASLEF that from Monday 11th of February

RMT Calls For Decisive Action On Crossrail Two And Bakerloo Line Extension

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today issued a call for decisive political action on Crossrail Two (the project to link North East with South West London) and the extension of the Bakerloo Line beyond Elephant and Castle and into South East London.

The RMT call is timed to coincide with the business lobby setting out their demands for the projects with the union urging that the new routes are designed for the benefits of all Londoners not just the banking and commercial sector.

LabourtStart Act Now Campaign:Support Sacked Agency Workers

Thirty-three agency staff working on London Underground, some for as long as five years, were told just before Christmas that the contract with their agency, Trainpeople, had been ended, and that they would lose their jobs in January.

The workers had joined RMT and campaigned successfully for equal pay with permanent staff, but the contract was then terminated without warning and London Underground told them that applications for direct employment would not be considered, making a mockery of Agency Worker Regulations that are supposed to protect their rights.

Trainpeople Workers Vote Yes For Strike Action

That we note the result of the ballot for strikes is as follows:-

Total Votes Cast - 17
Number Voting ‘Yes’ - 17
Number Voting ‘No’ - 0
Spoilt Papers - 0

We congratulate our members on their willingness to take action and for their tireless campaigning alongside their many supporters. We instruct the General Secretary to continue to support campaigning events organised by our Bakerloo branch, and to obtain and place in front of us a report on appropriate industrial action following the branch's next meeting on Monday 4 February.

Tube Agency Staff Vote Unanimously For Strike Action Over Termination

TUBE UNION RMT said today that in a ballot of staff working on London Underground’s “Trainpeople” agency contract members have voted unanimously for strike action over the termination of a deal which will dump dozens of staff on the dole and which makes a mockery of regulations which were supposed to protect the employment rights of agency staff.

Bakerloo drivers are taking action for safety

From Tuesday 15th of January 2013 until further notice, RMT and ASLEF train drivers are taking action for safety.
Drivers in both Aslef and RMT unions are taking action, not over pay or hours, but because serious safety concerns have been ignored by London Underground management.
Since the introduction of a new procedure last year to clear trains of passengers before going out of service there have been thousands of incidents in which passengers have been ‘over-carried’ into sidings.


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As we move into week three of our safety dispute over LU’s unsafe detrainment process we are happy to inform drivers that our action remains solid. Drivers are to be congratulated for standing strong in the face of LU’s ambivalence to the problem.