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We will not accept 'managed decline' of jobs, working arrangements or pensions

In the run up to ACAS talks between London Underground and RMT, National Executive Committee rep Jared Wood says:

"we are not prepared to accept the managed decline of our public transport system, we are not prepared to accept the managed decline of services and we are not prepared to accept the managed decline of jobs, working arrangements or pensions."

TfL Pension fund valuation reveals a surplus of £179 million with a funding level of 101.4%

Dear Colleague,


I can advise that following 31st March 2021 triennial actuarial valuation of the TfL Pension Fund the draft results reveal a surplus of £179 million with a funding level of 101.4%. This compares to a deficit of £603m recorded at the previous valuation 2018. This is clearly good news not just for members but also the employer and the Government who will not be burdened with having to pay deficit correction payments now the pension scheme is more than 100% funded.

RMT Regional Organiser Interview on Tube strike

Watch RMT Regional Organiser John Leach on BBC Politics today explaining why we took rock solid industrial action in our dispute to defend jobs, pensions and agreements.

"[Tube workers are] the fantastic men and women who kept London moving throughout the pandemic, the front line of the front line, pre-vaccine, losing members throughout that, kept the capital city going."

  • See the interview on BBC Politics here.

Congratulations on rock solid action



All RMT London Underground members are congratulated for the rock-solid strike action across the entire network this week. There has been a brilliant show of solidarity and support from you all and you are commended for your commitment to fight against vicious attacks on your jobs and pensions in order to pay for the TfL funding crisis.

Tube strike continues tomorrow

  • Strike action goes ahead on tube tomorrow as planned as RMT accuses Mayor of trying to blame workers for TFL financial crisis.

RMT accused Mayor Sadiq Khan of playing to the gallery, instead of pressuring ministers to deliver a long-term funding deal for TfL, ahead of another 24-hour stoppage on the tube network tomorrow which goes ahead as planned.

Speaking to the media yesterday (Tuesday), Mayor Khan told striking workers to "wake up and smell the coffee" and that industrial action would not make securing a deal with the government any easier.

10,000 Tube workers striking today

No cuts to Tube jobs and pensions

10,000 tube workers are taking strike action today, (Tuesday) after London Underground bosses refused to rule out job cuts and detrimental changes to pensions. RMT said that pickets are out in force at all key locations and that the action ‎is being solidly supported the length and breadth of the tube network.