Central Line East branch

StratfordFormerly Stratford No 1 branch, Central Line East branch includes LUL station staff (SS, SA(CR), SAMF, CSA) at all Central line stations from Holborn to Epping, Cleaners on these stations, LUL Train Operators and Instructor Operators and Sodexo canteen staff at Leytonstone depot.

Central Line East branch meets on the second Thursday of every month 17:00-19:15 at the ex-Services club, Leytonstone - map here.

Resolution: Stop Post Office Privatisation

This resolution, submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and seconded by Finsbury Park branch, was passed unanimously at the April meeting of the Regional Council.

This branch / Regional Council deplores the government's plan to privatise the Post Office.

Given our experience in the rail industry, we know that privatisation - whether to a British or foreign private owner - is a disaster for workers and service users.

Proposed By Laws

Stratford no.1 branch will be considering adopting the following by-laws at its next meeting, 9 April.

1. The name of the Branch shall be Stratford no.1 branch.

2. Branch meetings shall be held at the Ex-servicemen's club, Leytonstone, every month but this may be varied from time to time as circumstances demand.

3. The meeting shall open at 17.00hrs and close at 19.15hrs.

Proposed Branch Election Procedures

Stratford no.1 branch will be considering adopting the following election procedures at its next meeting, 9 April.

1. All Officers and members of the Branch Committee shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and serve for one year. Retiring Officers shall be eligible for re-election.

2. Nominations for Branch Officers shall be taken at two Branch Meetings prior to the Annual Meeting. If nominations are not received for any particular position, such may be filled by nomination and election at the Annual Meeting.

Resolution: Israel and Gaza

Stratford no.1 branch has submitted the following resolution to RMT's AGM.

This AGM condemns Israel’s military assault on Gaza in December and January.

We reaffirm our existing policy demanding Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories and an end to Israel’s siege of Gaza.

We ask the Executive to step up its campaigning on this issue in line with current policy, and in particular wish to see RMT run an appeal in support of an appropriate trade union project in the area.

Resolution: M.F.A. / Attendance Policies

Stratford no.1 branch has submitted the following resolution to RMT's AGM.

This AGM believes that across our industries, employers are using MFA/attendance policies to bully workers when we are sick, to force us either to attend work when we are not fit to, or out of work altogether.

We support our members who have been prepared to take industrial action over this, for example at Glasgow Central Virgin Trains depot, and at East Ham and Willesden Green station groups on London Underground.

We resolve that RMT should:

Draft Minutes: Stratford no.1 branch, 12 March 2009

Branch Secretary: Yvonne Duncan Branch Chair: Peter Heyes
Assistant Secretary: Dave Pitman, Vice Chair: Bill O’Dowd

1. Attendees – list be be attached

2. Apologies – M. Mujahid, T. O’Neil, W. Jarvis, U. Mirza, B. O’Dowd, Adrian Saint.

3. February Minutes

Glenn Brown and Dick Millhouse report should have come under Reps Report not AOB.

Minutes moved – Michael Cronin
Seconded – Janine Booth

4. Matters arising from committee meeting :

Stratford no.1 Branch Minutes: Thursday 12th February 2009

1. Attendees – List circulated

2. Apologies – M. Mujahid, D. Fitzpatrick, V.Morgan, T. O’Neill, W. Jarvis, U. Mirza, B. O’Dowd.

3. January Minutes
• Adrian Finney – Political Rep
• Cleaners Coordinator - T O’Neill
• Newsletter editor - B. Witham
• Number of branch committee members was counted wrong at AGM, 8 instead of 7. Branch agreed to have 8 members for this year.
• Another AGM delegate, Janine nominated V. Thomas, A. Thomson 2nd.

• Minutes moved – B. Witham.