Central Line East branch

StratfordFormerly Stratford No 1 branch, Central Line East branch includes LUL station staff (SS, SA(CR), SAMF, CSA) at all Central line stations from Holborn to Epping, Cleaners on these stations, LUL Train Operators and Instructor Operators and Sodexo canteen staff at Leytonstone depot.

Central Line East branch meets on the second Thursday of every month 17:00-19:15 at the ex-Services club, Leytonstone - map here.

Defend Tunde Umanah!


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On Monday 20th June, RMT member & activist Tunde Umanah who is a well respected & trusted T/Op at Leytonstone was viciously sacked at a CDI. All issues raised in his defence were dismissed at hand by the disciplinary panel. Tunde was involved in a PTI incident at Woodford where a DTSM deliberately and willingly obstructed the doors on Tunde’s train. At the CDI the evidence was very clear that the DTSM could’ve removed his foot from the doors at any time throughout the incident.

Industrial Relations-Regional Council 26th May

The following Emergency Resolution submitted by Stratford No 1 branch was carried at the Regional council meeting on 26th May.

In the light of the recently expressed intentions of the government to turn back the clock on Industrial Relations to the nineteenth century introducing new anti-strike laws and weakening workers rights still further, we request the regional Secretary to convene an open meeting to discuss with other trade unions a unified response to these threat.

London Underground pay

The following emergency resolution to the April meeting of the Regional Council was passed unanimously:

This Region is appalled by London Underground's below-inflation, five-year pay 'offer', with no commitment to improving conditions. Our union must reject this insult, and fight as effectively as possible for a much better, preferably one-year offer.

Minutes For Stratford Number One Branch, February 2011

Branch Secretary: Terry O’Neill.
Branch Chairperson: Adrian Finney ,

Branch Minutes: Thursday February 2011

Attendees: A Finney, T O’Neill, Glen Brown,D Pittman,P Penny,M Mujahid,G Weston, A Saint, A Carney,
G Carney, G Watson, D Millhouse, Allan Thomson, A Cunningham, J McConville, A MiahApologies: P Heys, D Fitzpatrick, J Latona, B Witham, K Shatford, J Booth.

Asbestos Contamination, Central Line (East End)

RMT General Grades Committee decision ...

That we note the absence of a reply from London Underground on this matter. We instruct the General Secretary to urgently contact the company demanding a reply.

We also seek the views of the relevant branch, Stratford no.1, on how this matter should be pursued, and instruct the General Secretary to place this matter back in front of the GGC once those views have been received.

Resolution - Annual one-day meetings of reps

This resolution, submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and seconded by East Ham branch, was carried unanimously at January 2011 meeting of the Regional Council:

The London Transport Regional Council resolves to convene annual one-day meetings for all reps in each function in London Underground (operational), and similarly for health & safety reps in each function.

We believe that these will be very useful events for discussing issues of common concern, sharing experiences, identifying training needs, developing strategies and establishing contact between reps.

Resolution - Education: fees and cuts

This resolution, composited from resolutions submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and LU Fleet branch, was carried unanimously by the January meeting of the Regional Council:

Education: fees and cuts

1. This union deplores the ConDem government's action in voting to cut university funding, treble tuition fees and scrap the Education Maintenance Allowace (EMA).

2. We believe that this move will deter working-class people from continuing education, leaving it as a privilege for the few who can afford to pay to study.