Central Line East branch

StratfordFormerly Stratford No 1 branch, Central Line East branch includes LUL station staff (SS, SA(CR), SAMF, CSA) at all Central line stations from Holborn to Epping, Cleaners on these stations, LUL Train Operators and Instructor Operators and Sodexo canteen staff at Leytonstone depot.

Central Line East branch meets on the second Thursday of every month 17:00-19:15 at the ex-Services club, Leytonstone - map here.

Resolution for a national 'SOS: Staff Our Stations' campaign

Stratford no.1 branch is submitting the following resolution to RMT's Station and Associated Grades Conference:


This conference recognises the full-scale onslaught by employers on station staffing levels. This is a threat to station staff jobs, to safety and service standards, and to the help available to other grades.

We request the union to launch and run a national campaign entitled 'SOS: Staff Our Stations', to include:
- industrial action against any attacks by employers on station staffing

RMT Stratford No.1 Recruitment Plan

Stratford No.1 branch have devised a recruitment plan. It details how the branch have agreed to monitor and increase membership numbers. The Regional Councils recruitment plan for 2010 urges and supports branches to outline a plan to both monitor membership numbers and organise recruitment.

Click 'read more' to see Stratford No.1's plan, or download the attachment if you want a copy for you or your branch to use.

Resolution to Regional Council: RMT Website

The following resolution, submitted by Neasden Branch, was passed at the September meeting of the Regional Council ...

This Regional Council notes the sterling work carried out by the webmaster at RMT, with the provisions of the current RMT Website, RMTV and RMT Junction.

We feel that the RMT website as it is, is outdated, difficult to use, and not effective enough to communicate with our members.

Resolution: 2011 Pay Claim

This resolution, submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and amended by Finsbury Park branch, was passed by the August meeting of the Regional Council ...

This Regional Council believes that RMT's pay claim to London Underground for 2011 should include:

  • a flat-rate pay rise for all grades ie. a sum of money (say, £3,000) rather than a percentage figure. This should not be less than would have been achieved by an RPI pay rise for 2011.
  • a rise sufficient to fund workers having to pay an additional 2.5% VAT from 2011.

Resolution: London Underground industrial action ballot

Stratford no.1 branch submited the following resolution to be debated at the emergency Regional Council meeting in June, but withdrew the resolution at the meeting ...

This union notes that the decision of the GGC to ballot members on London Underground for industrial action against jobs cuts has yet to be implemented. We strongly urge the union to commence this process as soon as possible.

The employer is proceeding with its job cutting plan:

  • Admin staff preferencing has already taken place.