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Details on the Pensions & Passes dispute can be found here.

Tube Lines Denies Plan To Test Driverless Trains On The Tube

“No plans in relation to preparing for the introduction of driverless train on London Underground” - Tube Lines

We note the correspondence from Tube Lines, stating that it has “no plans in relation to preparing for the introduction of driverless train on London Underground” and that “This is a matter for London Underground to determine”. We instruct the General Secretary to continue to press Tube Lines for information concerning its involvement in developing technology that may facilitate driverless trains or a reduction in the driver’s role.

Tube Lines Members To Strike Again In Fight For A Decent Pension

This action has been altered - the latest strike details are here.

We note the correspondence giving the views of the strike committee formed by our Tube Lines reps.

In line with this, we instruct our Tube Lines members to take industrial action as follows:

  • Not to book on for any shift starting on or after 06:00 on Friday 2 November, resuming to shifts starting after 05:59 on Saturday 3 November.
  • Not to work overtime at any time on Saturday 3 November.

Letter To Tube Lines Members Regarding Industrial Action On Pensions & Passes Dispute

From General Secretary Bob Crow

I refer to my previous letter of 28th September 2012 in support of Tube Line members’ demands for equal pension and travel benefits. As you will recall the RMT General Grades Committee requested support for an overtime ban over the weekend of 5 th to 8th October 2012. I am pleased to inform you that this action was well observed by RMT members.

So that our members’ demands are met in full the General Grades Committee has considered further action and request that you support the following action:

RMT Evidence To The Greater London Assembly Follow-up To Its Investigation Into The State Of The Tube

As the largest trade union on London Underground, and the only union representing all grades on London Underground, RMT deeply regrets that no action has been taken following the GLA investigation into the state of the Tube.

In particular, RMT is deeply concerned that following the Union’s active engagement in the investigation, and the subsequent good faith with which we engaged the Olympics, that it now appears that our members are faced with an unprecedented assault.

Continue reading or download the original document attached below

Tube Lines Representatives Will Not Agree Any New Rosters

We note the report from the Assistant General Secretary and in accordance with this, instruct our representatives not to agree any new rosters, and instruct our members to take industrial action as follows:

  • in the event that management attempt to impose a new roster, to refuse to co-operate with it and to continue to work to the existing roster.

A personal letter is to be sent to all members involved.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and Tube Lines representatives to be advised.

Ballots To Begin Over Anti Social Rosters For Tube Lines Members At West Ruislip Depot

We note the report on file. We are appalled that Tube Lines management are attempting to impose an anti-social roster on our members.

We instruct the General Secretary to organise an immediate ballot for strikes and action short of strikes of the members involved, to the shortest practical time scale, and to send a personal letter to all those being balloted urging them strongly to vote Yes to both questions.

Bob Crow Explains Tube Lines Pensions And Travel Concessions Dispute As Members Take Industrial Action

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

I write to regarding those Tube Lines employees who are being denied access to TfL Pension Fund (TfLPF) and the same travel facilities as other TfL workers. As you will be aware earlier this year union members employed by Tube Lines were balloted for pension and travel equality and as a result returned a massive yes vote in support of industrial action.

it is clear that management are not going to move on pensions or address the claim in full on travel. I therefore wish to inform you that with effect from 17.30 hours Friday 5th October 2012 until 05.30 hours Monday 8th October 2012 that the RMT General Grades Committee has instructed Tube Lines members not to work any overtime.

Testing Of Driverless Trains

We note the report from our LT Regional Council train grades committee. We welcome the committee’s organising efforts, and instruct the General Secretary to offer assistance and resources.

We note the comments concerning which grades may be used to test driverless trains. We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a further, detailed report on this, and to ensure that membership data for all LUL train grades is accurate and up-to-date should we need to hold a ballot for industrial action.

Executive Report To London Transport Regional Council September 2012

From London Transport Region's Executive Member Janine Booth

The agreed spheres of influence are attached on a separate sheet.

Council of Executives decision, 4 September:

We note the report from our Regional Organiser regarding spheres of influence of branches within London Transport region. We endorse the report and instruct the General Secretary to ensure its implementation.