Slavery and reparations

Challenging the racist legacy of slavery, demanding reparations

Making the Case for Reparation

When Chattel enslavement ended - not in 1807 as some would like us to believe but in 1838 - it was simply replaced by bonded enslavement whereby these same ‘freed’ Afrikans were forced to work on the very same plantation from which they had been ‘freed’.

Worst still, the people who had for so many years been exploiting, brutalising, raping and murdering them were compensated for these crimes, by the very same government who wanted to claim credit for their freedom.

No Afrikan has ever been compensated!

Conference on Reparations

A conference to discuss the issue of slavery, and of reparations to those countries exploited by the slave traders.

Venue: Board Room, Unity House (RMT head office), 39 Chalton Street, London NW1

Invitation and details in attached document.


1200 – 1600hrs AFRIKAN Drummers OPENING CONFERENCE

12:05 Introduction & Welcome by Black & Ethnic Member’s Chair

12:20 Setting the Agenda Judy Richard (UNISON) Delegate to Geneva

12:40 History of Toussaint L’Ouverture and Haiti Brother Omowale Afrikan Teacher

Call For Delegation to Durban II

This resolution, submitted by Finsbury Park branch, was passed at the October 2008 meeting of the Regional Council

United Nations World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) Review Geneva: 20 – 24th April 2009 “Call for delegation to DURBAN II”

The UN World Conference Against Racism Review process is currently taking place and a second round of preparation meetings will be held on the 6th to 17th October 2008.

The main review will be held from 20 – 24th April 2009.