12 Reasons Why We Need A Decent Pay Rise

Management will try to convince us that we should accept a low pay rise because of the economic crisis. In truth, the crisis makes it even more important that we get a decent rise. Here's why ...

1. We did not cause the economic crisis, so we should not have to pay for it. We and other workers create the wealth in society. If bankers gamble some of that wealth away, that is not our fault.

2. Our bills have gone up and are due to go up even more.

Zak Sacked: Rule by fear is the new management policy

It was with shock and anger that we heard the news that Arnos Grove train operator, Zak Khan, had been summarily dismissed (sacked with no notice) at a Company Disciplinary Interview (CDI) on 16th January. Zak had been referred to the CDI for an aggravated SPAD which took place on 24th October last year. Arnos Grove News has seen the case against Zak and believes that his summary dismissal is grossly unfair.

Camden 3 branch details

Camden no.3 covers the following areas:

  • Goodge Street group
  • Camden group
  • Edgware group
  • Finchley Central group
  • Coburg Street
  • Golders Green depot
  • East Finchley depot
  • CBSO

Camden no.3 branch meets at the Exmouth Arms on the second Wednesday of each month at 17:00, all members welcome

Hammersmith and City Contact details

Just a quick note to introduce myself.

I am Jim Harding, Health and safety rep at Hammersmith train crew depot on the Circle/Hammersmith and City line I have been given the reponsibilaty of posting the issues that affect our branch/members on this website.If you need to contact me on any issue or story you would like to see on this site, jim harding or call me on 07515-331620.

Our branch meetings are held Exmouth Arms on the 1st Wednesday of every month from17:00 nearest tube is Euston Sq

Why We Need A Decent Pay Rise: How Our Bills Have Increased

We need a decent pay rise to meet the rising bills that we have to pay. Here are some facts and figures, with sources in [square brackets]:

  • Energy bills in Britain have increased by 16.7% over the past year, compared to the European average of 3.8%. [OECD]
  • The average household fuel bill rose by £381 to £1,293 on average last year. [OECD]
  • Council tax bills are to rise by an average 3.5%. [Local Government Association]
  • Food prices rose by 11% last year. [MSN money]
  • Piccadilly Line: Vote YES to support Zak Khan

    Arnos Grove train operator, Zak Khan, was summarily dismissed at a Company Disciplinary Interview held on 16th January. His sacking was grossly unjust; it is also the latest attempt by an increasingly militant management to create a climate of fear in our workplace. We need to put a stop to this - it's time for action.

    Read about how the company stitched up Zak and about the fight for justice - and Zak's reinstatement - in the attached newsletter.