Resolution: General Election

This resolution, submitted by Camden 3 branch and amended by Stratford no.1 branch, was passed unanimously by the November meeting of the Regional Council.

This RMT branch supports Bob Crow's statement after the euro-elections when he said it's the collapse of public support for the three main parties - each of which is pro-business, pro-EU and supportive of the anti-union laws - which has created the conditions for the scapegoat politics of the BNP to thrive. The fascists' support in former mining communities like Barnsley is shocking and throws down a massive challenge to the Labour and Trade Union movement.

We now need to take stock. Along with our colleagues from the SLP and other left groups we won nearly a third of a million votes. From No2EU we won over 150,000 supporters from a standing start in the teeth of a media blackout. That gives us a solid platform to build from. We now need urgent discussion with political parties, campaigns and our colleagues in other unions like the CWU to develop a political and industrial response to this crisis.

We believe that our union, which already gives an industrial lead, should also give a political lead. this year working people have been fighting to save jobs and conditions - the RMT, CWU, construction workers at Lindsey, car workers at Visteon and Linamar, and now wind turbine factory workers at Vestas. But there is no mainstream political party which backs these workers and which stands against job losses, cuts and privatisation.

This branch support all efforts to form a coalition for the general election and will publicise and actively support any new initiative.

Amendment from Stratford no.1 branch, accepted by Camden 3: Delete last sentence and replace with: We look forward to democratic debate within the union about this, and the formation of a working-class slate for the election.