Breach of Disciplinary Procedures Dispute - Drivers - Piccadilly Line

From RMT official circular IR/108/09, dated 2nd April 2009

I write to congratulate you on a fantastic show of unity and solidarity that has been shown by the results of the ballot for industrial action. The results are shown below;

ARNOS GROVE ________________________SHORT OF STRIKE____STRIKE ACTION NUMBER VOTING YES______84__________________81 NUMBER VOTING NO_______0___________________3 SPOILT PAPERS__________ 0___________________0 TOTAL VOTES____________84__________________84


Vote YES leaflet

This leaflet, aimed at all grades involved in the dispute, sums up the reasons for voting YES. Click '1 attachment' to download it. Read the text below.


London Underground, Transport for London & ex-Metronet Members

The Ballot Papers are out! VOTE YES for strike action and action short of strike

BULLYING & SPYING: Management have refused to stop bullying staff, and spying on their children.

Conference: LGBTQ progressive politics: shaping the future

Venue: ULU, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY

The Conference - sponsored by CWU and FBU unions - is to re-start a political discussion in the LGBT communities with a view to setting an agenda for the future.

Speakers include: Angela Eagle MP, Maria Exall (LRC vice chair), Cllr Katie Hanson, Gavin Hayes, Anton Johnson, Tamsin Piper, and Dr Peter Purton.

More details here.

Trains Health and Safety Council Newsletter March 2009

The new issue of the Trains Health and Safety Council Newsletter reports on the ongoing PTI fiasco,
Connect radio, 5-day block training and the current ballot for industrial action. You can email Trains Health & Safety Council RMT reps at

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it. Read the text below.


PTI Fiasco: How confident are you in your OPO equipment?

London Overground Pay & Conditions Referendum

RMT Circular No IR.107/09


Further to my circular IR95/09 dated 19th March 2009, I can advise you that the General Grades Committee today took the following decision:-

“That we note the enhanced terms in the latest offer from LOROL and that a mass meeting of our members indicated support for acceptance.

We instruct the General Secretary to commence a referendum of our members with a recommendation to vote “yes” to accept the offer.