Wheel Screech On The Bakerloo Line.

At last.
The CMO (formerly better known as metronet) have finally decided to get their act together and try and sort this problem out.
They are going to adopt a scientific approach to it.
Over the next few weeks expect to see many operatives in bright orange Hi-Vis at the usual locations, Padd, Picc,CX.
They will first gather as much information as possible.
They will be speed gunning trains. We have been assured that this is not to target drivers, but being the old cynic I am, I would advise you to keep your speeds in check.
I believe they will not hesitate to discipline us if we are over the limit.
As well as speed of trains they will also look at how loud the noise is, friction measurements, lubrication, wheel profiles, passenger loads, units with flats,tremperature and track geometry.
It will probably take a couple of weeks, but bearing in mind we have been reporting this problem since November 2008 at least we may get something done soon.