We Don't Have Break Aways On The Bakerloo Line!

Breaking news from Queens Park.Well we do now!

It would seem that no sooner do them Tory scum get into power then all hell breaks loose on the London Underground.
Fresh from a derailment on the Picc yesterday, the unbelievable scenario of a train break away on the Bakerloo has occurred.
I am not saying the cause is solely to do with neoliberal coalitions but come on, look at the facts.
2 days in the hot seat and 2 serious incidents follow rapidly.

Currently the techno bods from the depot are trawling under the unit trying to ascertain what the kin hell went wrong.

At this time all the credit must to the driver who was coolness personified in dealing with this situation.
The fact he is an ex RMT H&S rep is worth mentioning.
And Bloo managers have put him up for an award.

We don’t have breakaways is the mantra we are told when we have initial stock training.
Well I guess we do now.
I am being told by management that cos it was only a few inches break, that I should not be overly concerned, and not make an issue of this.
They don`t know me very well do they?