Vestas Wind Turbine Factory Occupation – Two Victories in One Week! Show your support and solidarity

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary

As you are probably aware the RMT, which has thousands of members in the offshore energy sector and is currently providing all possible support to the workers fighting for their jobs at the Vestas Wind Turbine Factory on the Isle of Wight.

RMT has secured two huge victories in one week in the battle to save the Vestas Wind Turbine Factory.

On Tuesday RMT barristers beat off a court attempt by the company to take action to end the occupation by the workers in the factory.

And today we have achieved a significant victory with the company now delaying their plans to close the factory. The factory was due to close today, but Vestas have now written to staff confirming that consultation, and a final closure decision, has been extended until the middle of August.

The fact that the Vestas campaign has held back the scheduled closure date today is another significant milestone in the fight to save the factory and 625 skilled manufacturing jobs in green energy. The extension of the consultation with the workforce gives us a real chance to work up a rescue plan and for us to build solidarity for the Vesta Workers. Please,

  • Send a message of support via the campaign website. Ask your workmates, friends and family to do the same.
  • Try and get to the March and rally in Newport Isle of Wight- St Thomas's Square at 1.00pm on Saturday 1st August.
  • Demonstration outside Newport County Court in protest at Vestas attempts to evict the workers, Quay Street, Tuesday 4th August, 9.30am.

The Vestas workers on the Isle of Wight have taken a principled stand at much personal and possible financial cost to themselves. They deserve our full support.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow
RMT General Secretary