TUSC Election Campaigning

The RMT is supporting Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates in the general election. To make sure there are the best votes possible – and also to discuss with as many people as possible about the need for a working class alternative to all the main parties – we are asking all RMT members in London to help out in the last two weekends of the election campaigns. There will be leafleting, stalls, and canvassing.

To help in Walthamstow for Nancy Taaffe contact sarahsachseldridge@socialistparty.org.uk

To help in Greenwich with Onay Kasab contact onaykasab162@yahoo.co.uk

To help in Tottenham with Jenny Sutton contact votejennysutton@btinternet.com

The RMT is also supporting socialists in the Labour party such as John Mc Donnell who has done sterling work for our union: contact www.johnmcdonnell.org.uk.

Yours sincerely

Steve Hedley Regional Organiser