Tube worker sacked for going to the aid of a pregnant colleague who was being assaulted

London Underground : are you listening? We are going to strike unless you reinstate Lee Cornell.

Lee Cornell is a CSA at London Bridge with over 10 years exemplary service.
He is a dedicated, honest and proactive member of staff.

His crime was to go to assist a pregnant member of staff who had been physically assaulted by a fare evader.
The person who abused and assaulted Kirsty Watts then punched Lee twice and stole his glasses.

Lee reacted to get his property back and prevent a further assault on him.
He pushed him into a wall and when he got his property back he walked away.

The fare evader continued to try and fight any other LUL staff who came near him.
He even tried to head butt Lee Cornell again.
Lee never reacted. He once again walked away.

LUL have summarily dismissed Lee. For " losing control"

Lee's Area Manager stated to him he was prepared to help him and speak up for him at the appeal.
The appeal Chair stated the AMS actually said " CDP took place in November, Lee should have known better"

There is now no option.
We told them we would ballot if Lee was dismissed.
We will now ballot London Bridge for strike action.

The clamour is now for the ballot to be escalated combine wide.
The RMT family are furious Lee Cornell has been treated so shabbily by LUL.

An injury to one is an injury to all.
The RMT does not abandon it's members in times of trouble.

Solidarity wins.