Tetra Radio Waves

This resolution, submitted by Finsbury Park branch, was passed at the October 2008 meeting of the Regional Council

Finsbury Park branch call on the RMT Regional Council to instruct to the Council of Executives to set up monitoring of the TETRA RADIO pulsed microwaves and ELECTROMAGNETIC frequencies that are emitted from the communication and Driver in cab equipment that our members currently use. The long term effects of prolonged use of TETRA radio if unchecked were clearly pointed out at a recent Presentation hosted by Finsbury Park Branch. When this is added to the Train in cab cacti, signalling and 630 volt motoring equipment which emit there own electromagnetic waves in a closed environment deep underground, it would be wise to start some independent monitoring now and not later.

We further call on all other branches in our region to put this issue on their agendas for debate, discussion and final agreement in the call for monitoring to begin as soon as possible and head office to take a lead on this issue.