Striking is good for the soul - read why here.

Short guide to striking

When does it start?

The strike will start for Station Staff at 18.30 on Wednesday 8th July

What does this mean?

That if your duty starts after this time you do not report for duty until after the strike ends

What if my duty starts before this time?

If you have started your duty before 18.30 you complete that duty as normal.

When does the strike end

The strike ends for Station Staff at 18.29 Thursday 9th July

What does this mean

If your duty starts before this time you do not report for duty for. If your shift starts after this time you report for duty

My duty starts before the end of the strike but finishes after the strike?

You are on strike for the whole of your duty you do not resume until your next full duty

I have a Dead Early Shift on Thursday 9th July do I book a taxi

Yes book your taxi as normal in case the ACAS talks are successful and the strike is suspended at short notice

Can my Manager ask me if I am striking?

Managers can ask if you are strike before the actual strike but you do not have to answer the question

I am still on probation will this be affected?

No, you have a legal right to take part in any lawfully called strike like this one and LUL cannot hold this against you in anyway overtly or covertly.

I am on a Fixed contract can this be affected?

No you are still a full employee of LUL and as such you have the legal right to take part in any lawful strike action.

There is an overtime ban as well what does this mean?

The overtime ban means that you undertake no overtime after 21.30 on Thursday 9th July until further notice

I have already agreed to do overtime after this date before I knew about the ban

All overtime is voluntary and you can cancel it at any time you wish. So there will be no issue with you cancelling overtime because of the ban.

Why is there an overtime ban?

LUL nowadays relies heavily on Station Staff doing overtime to cover for the continued staff shortages and by banning overtime this put a lot of pressure on LUL even when we are not on strike.

How else can I support the action against Night tube, pay and Fit for the Future?

On the 9th July there will be picket lines throughout London you can join them to show how you feel about LUL proposals.

There is a Jubilee South Branch meeting at the Blue Eyed Maid on Wednesday 8th July 2015 at 16.00 come along hear the latest news and information on the action.

Thanks to Barrie Pike IR rep at Canary Wharf for this informative guide.

Striking is good. It shows the employer we are prepared to put our weight behind the issues.
Solidarity Wins