Stratford No 1 Draft Branch Minutes - November 2011

Branch Secretary: Terry O’Neill.
Branch Chairperson: Adrian Finney ,

Branch Minutes: Thursday November 10th 2011

Attendees: A Finney, TO'Neill A Carney, G Carney, Allan Thomson, Paul Penny, P Heys, M Mujahid, R
Marshall*, Ash Malik*, Gwynn Pugh*.

Apologies:Brain Witham, N Eivers, N Hodgson, G Weston

*denotes attendees are not branch members.

17.05 hrs Meeting opens.

Previous Minutes Adopted:Pro PP Sec MM

1. Matters Arising:
S Hedley named twice as an attendee.
2012 agm not 2014

2. (A) Leavers and Joiners: March 2011
0 Joiners.
8 Leavers
Members list to be organised regionally
Bank and Leyton Groups to be recruited December 8th 2011.

2(b) Organization, Recruitment & Retention.
Bank , Leyton and other areas to be recruited.

3 Committee Reports:
AF reported on recent Regional Meeting
• Olympic Pay 2012
• Eric Willaims resolution for donaion, Carried and donation made.
• No to hate crime campaign, donation Agreed
• TFC Reps resolution ,Fell, GR, RM
• Action against Tory attacks
• Jarrow March, RM
Regional Executive. AF
Student march on Staurday Nov 5th
2012- Demonstration.
PH: Olympic payments
PH : Olympic needs all functional Councils to meet to discuss Olympic pay
RM: Station Safety Council, SS's to leave stations unmanned, to be reffered.
AT: Fit for London 3.a Other Reports :
Gwynn Pugh Reported :
• Upgrades committee Jubiliee Line
• New Trains, Billions of pounds
SAMF's & RCIs to go to combine pool
• Canteen Workers to be recruited at £1 pw.
PH & AT asked questions OSN 101 information and Driverless Trains (Depot Requirments)
PP,AM,RM,GC all contributed;

• TSSA & RMT merger
• Pay Rise 2012, back pay
• J Patel
• J Masango
• Cleaners
• Cleaning Tokens
• Functional Positions

5. Members Cases
1. Matt Rochester Job Share

6.Workplace Issues:

Motions Previously Given :
• Leaked LUL documents : Carried( with ammendemnt)
• Asthom and Israeli Light Rail : Carried
• Young Mmembers Conference : Carried

• MM: Three Regional motions per month.
• PP: General strikes in Oaklohoma, What is the unions position.
• PH: Syria: Whats the unions position.

Meeting closed 1940 hours, Branch account as of November 2011: