Stations Admin Transformation Update

Your reps have had a response from London Underground on the counter-proposal we submitted on your behalf. We believe that the counter-proposal was robust and addressed all of the key points raised by management, as well as protecting the fundamental principle of not splitting the admin grade. However, the company have rejected this proposal entirely and now plan to impose their original business case. This is the response we received from LU 

"We’ve carefully considered and have taken on board your comments and rationale around your proposal. Although this version of the counterproposal responded to the feedback given to the initial counterproposal, moving away from the team (core) and coverage admin split was a fundamental change to our design. 

After carefully analysing and testing the amended counterproposal against our design principles, we’ve concluded that specialist roles are in fact what we need to create a strong and sustainable Customer Service Admin team in London Underground. Therefore, a decision has been made to progress with the original proposal presented by the business" 

We are extremely disappointed by this response and the total disregard of the wishes of the vast majority of Stations Admin. We are meeting with London Underground tomorrow (06/03/18) and will update you accordingly. In the meantime, please make every effort to attend your Branch meetings to discuss our next strategies