Serious OPO Safety Concerns On The Bakerloo Line Update

As a result of RMT reps harassment of management, we have been able to secure a local investigation into the disturbing events that took place on Saturday February 7 at Piccadilly Circus,which resulted in the absolute loss of confidence in the OPO monitors. This will enable us to drill down exactly the failings that occurred. We shall also be questioning the flagrant disregard of the procedure following an employees refusal to work under the grounds of Health & Safety. At the beginning of this saga, management were adamant they had fixed the "problem" at Picc Circus,although they could not tell us what that "problem" was. When pressed they had to admit there appeared to be some substance in our views, and consequently they have offered a local investigation. No doubt they will have some explanation worked out by then, but at least we will be able to ask some very awkward questions and watch them squirm when trying to answer.!