RMTv: Cable Street 75th Anniversary March and Rally

RMT attended the recent Battle of Cable Street 75th Anniversary Rally. Several RMT members were present and General Secretary Bob Crow spoke at the event which RMT has participated in for several years.

In 1936, fascism was gaining ground across Europe. In Britain, Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists (BUF) portrayed Jewish people as the cause of the country's problems. East London had the largest Jewish population in Britain and the announcement that Mosley and his Blackshirts planned a provocative march through the area.

On the day, up to 250,000 people gathered to defend the East End. There was a fierce battle with the police when they attempted to clear a path for the march and a barricade was erected and defended in Cable Street.

The 75th anniversary programme aims to keep alive the spirit of the defenders of Cable Street who took to the barricades that day.