RMT Reluctantly Accepts CBS Outdoor Pay Offer

That we note the pay offer from CBS Outdoor and the report from our Regional Organiser.

We accept the Regional Organiser’s view that the pay offer (1.3% backdated to April) is poor, but that we should reluctantly accept it. We note that there has also been some progress on working conditions: negotiations on a new roster pattern, new vans, and better training; and on the MMTA grade which management have now agreed to backdate for all staff qualified or unqualified (through lack of training) for six months.

We accept our Regional Organiser’s recommendation that rather than fight this at present, we should prioritise building the union’s strength in this company. We offer full support and resources to our Regional Organiser, branch and newly-elected reps in achieving this, and in campaigning strongly for a substantial pay rise and bonus over the Olympics in 2012.

London Transport Regional Council and relevant branches to be advised.