RMT reaction to Hutton Pension Review

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow says the Hutton Review will be "the spark that lights the blue touch paper of co-ordinated strike action". Bob Crow said:

"We have seen this week that gold-plated bonuses and pensions for the bankers and speculators who caused this crisis are still the order of the day while those slogging their guts out making this country tick are lined up for a kicking by Lord Hutton and the ConDems."

"It is crystal clear from the Hutton Review that, from nurses to transport staff, the Government intend to make staff work longer, pay more and get less. There is no question that this is the issue where co-ordinated strike action is on the cards as we fight to stop the ConDem pensions robbery."

"Pensions are nothing other than deferred wages - staff pay into these schemes to avoid freezing to death in their old age and those workers are now threatened with having their pension contracts ripped to shreds. This is a betrayal that will hit millions where it hurts."

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