RMT Preparing Ballot Of Locked Out Cleaners

Our members working for ISS on the London Underground Contract have been in dispute with their employer for many months over the use of a Biometric Fingerprinting to book on for duty. We had been in talks with the company but now this process has been imposed by the company on our members. As a result of this imposition, our members have been reminded of the union’s instruction that they should refuse to use the Biometric technology and should continue to use the agreed manner to book on.

The GGC has noted a resolution from our Finsbury Park Branch that a number of our members have now been locked out of their workplace for refusing to use the Biometric Booking on System. In many cases those being locked out have been RMT representatives.

In support of these members, the Council of Executives agreed to make a one of payment of £50 to those who had been locked out as of 8th July 2014 and will be keeping the situation under review.

Furthermore, the GGC has noted that talks are taking place under the auspices of ACAS. In the meantime, in support of our locked out members, we are preparing a ballot matrix of affected members.

I will keep branches advised of developments.