RMT plan ABM recruitment video

Subject: RMT Nationally Resourced Cleaners Recruitment Drive ABM on LUL

That we note the London Transport Regional Council has agreed to fund the production of a recruitment video for our ABM cleaning grades on the underground on the basis that the union nationally make a substantial contribution.

A recruitment video can be shared electronically; from the union by text, on our media platforms, to members, reps and activists and from them shared-on easily to non-members who can also share it with other non-members.
It will be both an effective and vital tool in our campaign to recruit, organise and get our cleaners members on their feet.

The proposed recruitment video is to be around 3 minutes long, engaging so its snappy and to the point; very general so to give it a long lifespan and relevance, and will focus on why ABM cleaners on the underground should join the union, what the RMT are trying to win for cleaners, and the importance of joining to achieve our aims and to defend yourself in day-to-day matters at work.

A recruitment video can’t get thrown in the bin or taken off a notice board by management like a leaflet or paper charter; and reps, members and non/perspective members can share it from phone to phone instantly and privately without fear of management knowing……

The cost is @£3,420 inclusive; the London Transport Regional Council Executive have agreed to pay money towards this project on the basis of head office substantially contributing too.

We refer this matter into the General Finance Sub-committee for URGENT examination and report.

The London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

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