RMT To Meet With Initial Bosses In Attempt To Halt Victimization Of Sister Osagiede

We note that Initial has issued Sister Osagiede with a written warning and that she is appealing this decision.

We further note that Initial is, separately from the disciplinary sanction, attempting to relocate Sister Osagiede to Aldgate station. This is unacceptable to Sister Osagiede and to RMT, as:

  • Clara is contracted to Hainault depot
  • There is now no impediment to Clara returning to Hainault depot as management's investigation is completed
  • Clara has had her disciplinary and received a written warning, not any decision to change her work location
  • Initial maintains that Aldgate is out of the areas (BCV Depots) where it recognises RMT; this forced move is therefore an attempt to prevent Clara continuing as a recognised RMT representative, to frustrate her trade union duties and to set her up for renewed disciplinary action.
  • Clara has lodged a grievance regarding this move, and it should therefore be put on hold pending that grievance.

We further note that our Regional Organiser and Sister Osagiede's representative, Brother Paul Jackson, are to meet the Managing Director of Initial re Clara on the 9th September, in an attempt to stop the victimisation of our representative.

We note that our Regional Organiser is writing to Initial today to demand that it stop this outrageous attack on Clara Osagiede and this union, and to London Underground Ltd to confirm that it has removed any bar on Clara working at Hainault depot. We note that we remain in dispute with Initial on the issue of the attacks on Sister Osagiede and will defend our representative with all means at our disposal.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and cleaners' representatives to be advised.

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