RMT Demands Support for Domestic Violence Victims

RMT Council of Executives decision:

We note the domestic violence policy on file from ‘One’. While it is positive that this company has a policy on this issue, and it has some good content, a model policy would include several improvements. In particular, a model policy would include specific commitments that:

  • there will be no action under MFA/Attendance policies against staff absent due to domestic violence
  • special leave for escaping domestic violence should be paid
  • paid special leave should also be given for appointments etc, and that this is preferable to rearrangement of shifts
  • there should also be support and assistance to employees helping those (eg. close friends / relatives) who are suffering/escaping domestic violence
  • staff can be exempt from requirements to wear name badges or be allowed to use a pseudonym if they fear being identified by perpetrators of domestic violence

We instruct the General Secretary to seek feedback from our Women’s Conference taking place later this week, and refer this issue to the Equal Rights Sub-committee to incorporate these and the points above into a model policy. This model policy is to be placed in front of us before being circulated to lead officers to propose to all employers.

We also refer this matter to the Equal Rights Sub-committee to draft guidance for branches, representatives and Regional Councils on campaigning in support of our proposals for employers to adopt domestic violence policies, to seek the views of our Women’s Advisory Committee on this draft guidance, and to place it in front of us.

Further, we instruct the General Secretary to obtain up-to-date information on the impact of public spending cuts on funding for women’s refuges, and to regularly circulate information to members about campaigns against these cuts, strongly encouraging them to support and get involved in them.

Finally, we instruct the General Secretary to implement our previous decision to include an appropriate article in RMT News.

What is a National Executive Committee decision?

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