RMT Appaled As Police Remove Rep From Depot At Bosses Request

To all London Transport Regional Activists
5th December 2014
Dear Colleagues

Message from John Leach, Regional Organiser
Interserve Dispute – RMT Reps Under Attack

Dear Colleagues

Members will be aware that on 12th November, RMT announced its fight back against injustices on Interserve. Please see the attached press release we put out last month.

This company has a vicious reputation in attacking reps and activists in London Underground. As I write this message, our most senior rep in the company is under investigation for the most bogus of allegations. However, I must now report to you the following appalling incident that took place last night at approximately midnight at Hainault Depot and involving another RMT rep.

Bro Alex Boachie is our rep for cleaning members at Hainault Depot. He has played a big part in the fight back and is integral to the dispute. Last night he was accosted by the cleaning manager who, rather listening to Alex in a discussion, called the British Transport Police to have him physically thrown out of the depot.

Alex had told Interserve that he had a serious grievance against the local supervisor and manager based on the fact that the supervisor had smeared him by way of false accusations of wrongdoings when in fact all he had done was fight for his members to get their pay on time. It was because of this that Alex refused further contact with that supervisor. Management cannot claim they have no knowledge of Alex’s situation because I myself had written to them in my capacity as Regional Organiser alerting them to Alex’s situation, a letter that remains unanswered.

Last night Alex again told his manager this only to be told that he must work with the supervisor or he would be thrown out of the depot.

At about 23.20 hours a British Transport Police Constable attended the depot and basically acted for Interserve management. I was brought into the situation by telephone and spoke with the police officer. During our conversation it became apparent that the LUL Depot Duty Manager had not actually called the police, but despite this the Police acted for Interserve.

Rest assured that I will be making a complaint to the relevant police authorities on this matter. In the meantime, I have spoke to Peter McNaught LUL BCV Director, who said he would make immediate intervention and mailed Jason Bicknell Interserve Contract Director to call me.

I shall be attending Hainault Depot tonight. We will not rest; I will not rest until justice is obtained for Alex and all our cleaning members on Interserve.

In solidarity.

John Leach
Regional Organiser - RMT