Resolution: Stop TfL selling off LUOH

The following resolution, submitted by TfL no.1 branch with the last paragraph added as an amendment from Stratford no.1 branch, was carried by the March meeting of the Regional Council ...

This region notes the attempted privatisation of TfL Occupational Health Service and wholly oppose the sell off our members rights to in-house occupational health services.

This is grave news as where this has happened in other parts of the railway industry it has lead to a reduction in treatment for our members and it also leads to a one way ticket to redundancy.

We need to oppose this sell off of our Occ health service and to do that as quick as possible we need to make it union policy and fight against it.

However, we are deeply dissatisfied with LUOH's current services, as while some members have had good expereinces, many members have had very bad expereinces of LUOH. On many occasions, LUOH appears to assist management in persecuting sick and disabled staff, and driving people out of work. We resolve that RMT should demand that LUOH prioritises staff health rather than management's financial interests.