Resolution: Mayor Johnson and 'Chicken Feed'

This resolution, submitted by Jubilee South and East London Line branch, was passed at the August Regional Council meeting.

This Branch/Regional Council is appalled, but not surprised, by the recent comments made by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, that his payment of £250k, for writing a Sunday newspaper column, was nothing more than ‘chicken feed’.

We feel this is a disgrace, considering the Mayor’s actions in intervening in the current LUL pay dispute, and also the failure to pay cleaners the London living wage.

As part of this union’s campaign for a decent pay increase, and to ensure cleaners working on LUL get paid, as a minimum, the London living wage, we recommend that a demonstration be held outside the mayor’s office, with suitable propaganda etc, stating that LUL staff and cleaners want ‘Chicken feed’ for wages, just like the Mayor has for his ‘second job!’