Reject the pay insult - Vote YES for action

After a mass meeting of reps RMT is to reballot members on the dreadful 2 year pay offer made by LUL. The meeting agreed that issues over bullying and breaches of agreement had not been resolved and that a 1.5% rise this year and 0.5% on top of inflation next year was a slap in the face. A high turnout and a big yes vote will give RMT a fresh mandate to call more action and will send a message to management that they can stick their 2 year pay joke. So far RMT members have managed to get rid of LUL’s outrageous 5 year pay insult and have successfully defended our ‘jobs for life’ deal. Now the RMT is to escalate this dispute and force LUL to make us a sensible offer.

Anyone who watched the recent party conferences will realise that all three main parties are falling over themselves to make working people in this country pay for the greed and stupidity of the bankers. The sight of the Tory leadership whipping themselves into a frenzy of excitement over the cuts they will impose on public services was truly sickening. But make no mistake LUL management, will be at the front of the queue to do the governments bidding will slash jobs and services regardless of the impact on staff and the travelling public. Remember how enthusiastic they were for PPP, even though they knew it would be a disaster and has proven so. And let’s not forget Boris Johnson would love to do to us what Thatcher did to the miners.

Meanwhile, the leadership of other organisations on the tube seem to be like rabbits caught in the headlights. TSSA have now accepted the pay deal, feeling that 20p a day for their members is more than enough. ASLEF on the other hand remain in dispute, however this seems to involve nothing more than telling their membership that they will keep them informed. Informed about what; the fact that they’re terrified to ballot their members? Surely members of other organisations must agree with us that this offer is rubbish.

With the failure of leadership from the other lot everyone must get behind RMT’s campaign for a proper pay rise. RMT member vote yes.