Progress Made In Battle For Free Tube Travel For Cleaners


We have been seeking talks with all companies that employ cleaners on TfL services to pursue our claim for free travel for cleaners and funded travel for reps carrying out trade union duties (Circular IR/632/13, 31st October 2013). Following discussions with ISS, the Company has agreed to issue bearer passes to Supervisors, Cover Supervisors, THI (Traffic Hour Initiative) Cleaning Operatives and Audit teams. ISS also has a process in place which means members do not suffer any financial detriment as a result of travelling for work purposes.

Although progress has been made, it does not meet our aspirations for free travel for all London Underground contract cleaners and accordingly, the General Grades Committee has taken the decision to continue to seek talks with TfL and other contract companies as well as raising the matter with the Greater London Assembly.

I am currently acting in accordance with the above and will keep you informed of all developments.

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