Poster: Cleaners Demand Olympic Bonus

A recent cleaners protest, photo by Mark King

“Greedy Money Grabbing Cleaners” Demand Olympics Bonus

If only this were true! Whilst the debate continues about the financial rewards being offered to most LU staff across the combine for the Olympic Games, please spare a thought for our often downtrodden cleaning colleagues who are employed by the notorious Cleaning Companies.

Letters were sent out recently from both companies to their cleaning staff notifying them that they will be receiving no financial reward during the Games. This piece of devastating news is made worse by the fact that London Underground, who contract the Cleaning Companies, have already started a KEEP IT CLEAN campaign, to ensure that they get the maximum cleaning work carried out around the clock during the Games.

In several meetings with RMT Cleaner Grades union Reps last year, both companies stated that they would be employing more cleaners for the Olympics, but would not disclose how many, or put this in writing. They did however confirm that overtime working payments (at normal rate) would be offered! So reading between the lines, it seems clear that there are no plans to enhance the workforce at all, but only to increase the shift lengths and time spent clearing the vast amounts of extra rubbish that both of these companies London Underground are expecting at no extra cost. This scandalous situation should not be allowed to take place in 5 months’ time, when you consider the very important role that Cleaners play to ensure that all trains, stations and toilet facilities, are constantly clean and fit for us to use each day.

Please support your local workplace Cleaners’ demand to negotiate a fair financial reward payment, in recognition of their contribution to a successful Olympic Games.