Osime's victory is a win for all of us

RMT's London Transport region welcomes the news that the Home Office has rescinded the order to deport young, black, autistic man Osime Brown following his conviction under the unfair and racist 'joint enterprise' law.

It is important for trade unions to recognise and challenge injustice outside the workplace as well as in it. So when the union's disabled activists raised Osime's campaign, we agreed a resolution backing Osime and sent it to our National Executive.

RMT activists marched on Osime's demos, spoke at the rallies, circulated the petition, and even held a live link-up between Osime's campaign and our National Disabled Members' Conference in April. Our black and ethnic minority members took up the campaign with gusto.

Osime's victory is a win for all of us. Immigration laws are used to divide working-class people against each other, and the unjust treatment of Osime could happen to our members and their families. It's a class issue. That's why RMT backed the campaign and why we will continue to fight against injustices like this.